Location Details
Building CodeKyser
DescriptionKyser Hall
NotesKyser Hall Building Manager: Dr. Austin Temple Coordinator: Linda Durr Phone: 318.357.6699 Fax: 318.357.5599 Attached-Posting of Signs Kyser is an academic building and should be used for academic use only. We do sign off on the use of the foyer by the vending machines for student organization bake sales. The classrooms of Kyser Hall will not be used for student organization meetings or by outside organizations, etc. Posting of Signs in Kyser Hall Posting of signs is allowed in the following areas: Bulletin Boards not designated for Departmental Usage Only Back stairwell landing Bulletin Boards on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors No posting is allowed in the following areas: Hallway walls Stairwell walls Stairwell landings between floors Classroom walls Floors and Ceilings Elevators doors Elevator interiors Office doors, except for Departmental Usage Classroom doors, except for Departmental Usage Glass display cases
Room CodeKyser Brickway
DescriptionKyser Brickway
Room TypeOutdoor (Non-Athletic)
Setup Hours0
Teardown Hours0
NotesThe Brickway between Kyser and Williamson can be reserved through the virtual system. Please be sure to give specific information about what type of event you are planning. Please keep noise to a minimum and do not interrupt class in any way. Loud or offensive music is not permitted. Tables and chairs have to be supplied by the user, or the RSO advisor must put a work order on through Red River to have them delivered. The Union does not supply tables and chairs to the Brickway.