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Building CodeWilliamson
DescriptionWilliamson Hall
NotesWILLIAMSON HALL Building Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday Building Manager: Dr. Thomas M. Hall Phone: 318.357.5298 USE OF CLASSROOMS AND FACILITIES 1. Since its renovation, Williamson Hall has become a showplace for Northwestern State University. It is the intent of the Department of Engineering Technology to keep the facility in immaculate condition. 2. Often, other departments and outside groups use the classrooms and facilities of Williamson Hall for classes during the semester and for special events during the summer months. The following rules for the use of Williamson Hall will be enforced by the department. Outside users are expected to enforce these rules. · Absolutely no food, drinks, chewing gum, or tobacco products are allowed in any classroom or laboratory. · The furniture (including tables, chairs, and student desks) may not be moved or rearranged. · No flyers, posters, papers, or any other announcements may be attached in any way to the walls, windows, doors, or ceilings. · Laboratory rooms are not available for outside use without express permission of the head of the department. · Classes and outside groups must be monitored and supervised by the sponsoring department or organization. · The using department or organization must take special care of the SmartBoard located in Room 208. Absolutely no writing on the SmartBoard is allowed. Computer equipment needed to connect to the SmartBoard must be supplied by the user. · Smoking is not allowed within 25 feet of the entrance to any building on the NSU campus. Outside groups must supervise participants in special events and enforce this NSU regulation. 3. The sponsor of groups using Williamson Hall during other than normal business hours must sign for an exterior key in Room 101 Williamson Hall the last business day prior to use of the facility. The building must be locked at the termination of use and the key returned the first business day following use. 4. The Department of Engineering Technology will ban the use of its facilities to any group not abiding by these rules. While we wish to support all functions of Northwestern State University, it is important to maintain the outstanding facilities that we have. 5. Questions should be referred to the Head of the Department of Engineering Technology
Room Code208
Room TypeClassroom
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